Queen City Flash

Queen City Flash is Cincinnati's Flash Mob theater company presenting a form of theatrical presentation new to Cincinnati while also offering free community performances to under-served communities in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Queen City Flash's first production, THE COMPLETE TOM, is a new, expanded look at Mark Twain's writings on Tom Sawyer, pulling together alternate sources and combining them with his classic novels. THE COMPLETE TOM is a four play cycle and will be presented throughout the 2014-2015 season at various locations. 

Because I knowed Him

Queen City Flash is a community-centric theater company dedicated to open access to the arts. By untethering the performing arts from physical space, prohibitive costs and traditional theatrical expectations, Queen City Flash unites local artists and their communities to create impactful theatre.

perfectly still

Adventures of Tom Sawyer has captivated audiences young and old for generations. Now, America’s first rascal gets a fresh take in a new four play cycle, THE COMPLETE TOM. An expanded look at the works of Mark Twain, THE COMPLETE TOM combines all his writings on Tom Sawyer: his famed novels, little known sequels, cut chapters, personal correspondence and autobiographical materials. The four installments (1. Adventures, 2. Huckleberry, 3. Abroad and 4. Detective) take us further into Tom and Huck’s journey from being boys of the leading White Society and show us a glimpse of the men they will become.


Witness Huckleberry’s raft-laden voyage from the banks of the Ohio River, experience Jim’s struggle for freedom north of Liberty Street – the place in America where Black Men became free – join Tom’s trans-Atlantic voyage from the home of Daniel Beard – Boy Scouts of America Founder and Mark Twain Illustrator – search for clues with Tom Sawyer’s Gang along 76 Walnut Street, Mark Twain’s Cincinnati home and so, so much more.

Performances are free to the public and funded by the City of Cincinnati through the Cincinnati Art Ambassador Fellowships with additional assistance provided by the SDC Foundation's 2015 Denham Fellowship.

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The Cincinnati Art Ambassador Fellowships Program is a competitive endeavor and affirms the City's desire to encourage the creation of works of art in the City. Goals of the program are to celebrate contributions Cincinnati artists make to the city and to enrich quality of life for Cincinnatians by encouraging artists and arts/cultural organizations to provide a broad spectrum of cultural experiences. Read the Press Release.

A Dead Head

The Denham Fellowship is an annual award given to directors, particularly women directors, to further develop their directing skills by providing financial support for the Director’s fee for a particular project. This fellowship was established in October 2006 by Mary Orr Denham as a bequest to the Society of  Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation (SDCF) in honor of her late husband, Reginald H.F.  Denham.

For more information about the Denham Fellowship, read Julie Engelbrecht's article on Cincinnati.com.