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Queen City Flash is Cincinnati's Flash Mob theater company presenting a form of theatrical presentation new to Cincinnati while also offering free community performances to under-served communities in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Queen City Flash's first production, THE COMPLETE TOM, is a new, expanded look at Mark Twain's writings on Tom Sawyer, pulling together alternate sources and combining them with his classic novels. THE COMPLETE TOM is a four play cycle and will be presented throughout the 2014-2015 season at various locations. 

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Poster Design by Chris Sanderson

Poster Design by Chris Sanderson

Queen City Flash  & JMU School of Theatre and Dance present:


Written by Trey Tatum & JMU Students

Directed by Bridget Leak

Featuring: Emily Dwornik, Zak Gordon, Chrissy Johnson, Rachel Kimberlin, Laura Kline, Maria Leckey, Cailin Lindsay, Jonathan Martin, Madeline Mojallal, Eric Rhodes, Leila Spolter, Grace Vaughan, and Tess Wagner. 

Poster Design by Chris Sanderson

About flash|U

Hypersensitivities, IRL was created by Queen City Flash in tandem with the students of the James Madison University School of Theatre and Dance as a the flagship outing of Queen City Flash's flash|U, a theater education program that gives students a crash course in creating a theater company and self-producing through flash mob residencies.

About Hypersensitivities, IRL

There are no signals of any kind in the National Radio Quiet Zone, no cell phones, no radio, no wifi. The two girls were both captives there, in their own way: one was there so her mother could work at the giant Radio Telescope in town, the other was sequestered away from society in hopes of calming her burgeoning telekinetic abilities.

Everything changed the night the internet broke thru.

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A crowd of college students mingles with each other, sitting on blankets and chewing homemade cookies, while waiting for the actors sitting with them to indicate the performance is starting. They’re outside in the middle of JMU’s Festival lawn with a murmur of anticipation but the relaxed appearance as if they are having a picnic. Suddenly someone at the edge of the group pops up and introduces herself. Using handmade props and with scripts in hand, a group of students perform a play for the viewers. It’s almost like a flash mob – though they aren’t catching the audience entirely off guard.  Read Full Article Here

Production Notebook

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